May I Wear Your Crown

Hardcover, 170 pages

English language

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may i wear your crown is a collection of poetry & prose that takes an emotional dive into many themes including love & heartache, substance abuse, sobriety, self-discovery, and LGBTQ2+ issues all while reminding us that magic is around in everything we do. Written throughout the last four years, the author takes us on their journey of falling in love, hitting rock bottom, and getting sober. This collection is divided into four sections: "may i introduce myself", "may i be your prince", "may i strike a match", and "may i take a breath".

It also includes 14 beautiful illustrations (some adult content) to go along with certain poems

praise for the collection:

"May I Wear Your Crown is a devastatingly honest collection that will rip your heart open. Tapp is not afraid of going to vulnerable places, opening up about addiction and mental health in a way that lets you …

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