Tender Is the Flesh

Paperback, 224 pages

Published Aug. 4, 2020 by Scribner.


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5 stars (3 reviews)

A society where cannibalism has been legalized because of an animal Virus, leaves the butcher Marcos struggling with his morality and role in this new society.

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Gripping and frightening

5 stars

Following the spread of a virus that makes animal meat deahtly to humans, society turns to produce "special meat", humans engineered to be eaten. Tender is the Flesh takes you to the frightening daily life of the "meat hunter" of a processing plant, charged with contracts, meat quality etc. The story starts slow but becomes more and more frightening as the pages go and you're unable to let it go until the very end. It left me a deep mark and brought me quite a lot of things to think about.

Review of 'Tender Is the Flesh' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Without being too detailed, the author could describe how the world would be if we were to eat human meat.
Disgusting at first, I found it interesting to follow the feelings of the hero who could totally be one of us.

Story length is good, would say less nor much on the subject.

Raises some questions about our current society and the problem animal food is causing while showing an alternative for it.

A very good story, though, not for the faint of heart.